Most wool sheared from a sheep - single shearing
41.10 kilogram(s)
Australien (Weston Creek)

The most wool sheared from a sheep in a single shearing is 41.10 kg (90 lb 9.76 oz) from Chris, an errant overgrown sheep rescued by animal charity RSPCA ACT (Australia) and sheared by national shearing champion Ian Elkins in Weston Creek, Australian Capital Territory, on 3 September 2015.

When found, Chris’s life was at risk – he was so woolly from living in the wild for several years that he could barely stand and was in urgent need of shearing to prevent infection. The shearing took approximately 45 minutes. After the animal was sheared and the bag weighed in at 42.45 kg, the fleece was donated to the National Museum for preservation and the empty bag weighed in at 1.35 kg, thus confirming the official record measurement of 41.10 kg. At the time of the record verification, Chris the Sheep was in good health although was still undergoing RSPCA ACT vet care.