Largest chocolate coin
BF Servizi SRL
658 kilogram(s)
Italien (Bologna)

The largest chocolate coin weighs 658 kg (1,450 lb 10 oz) and was presented at the Cioccoshow Exhibition during an event organised by the BF Servizi SRL (Italy), in Bologna, Italy, to celebrate Guinness World Records Day, on 15 November 2012.

The coin measured 196 cm (6 ft 5.17 in) in diameter, it was 17 cm (6.69 in) thick and it represented a 1 Euro coin. The ingredients used were: dark chocolate = 570 kg (1,256 lb 63 oz) and white chocolate = 108 kg (238 lb 1oz) and 20 kg (44 lb 0.9 oz) of carved chocolate was then weighted and deducted from the total weight. Renato Zoia (Bologna), Domenico Falcone (Milano), Luigi Derniolo (Lecce), Angelo Sodero (Perugia) from the association CIOCCH in BO, prepared the chocolate coin in 22 hours and the chocolate sculptors Stefano and Tommaso Comelli (both Italy) carved the coin in 12 hours.