Largest barbecue (dimensions)
Discovery Channel BIG!
15/3.75/20/2.25/8 metre(s)
United States (Santa Clarita)
The largest barbecue in the world, unveiled on 20 June 2004, was built on Discovery Channel's BIG! television show and measures 15 ft 3.75 in (4.66 m) high, 20 ft 2.25 in (6.14 m) wide and 8 ft (2.43 m) deep. The grill is 96 sq ft, 12 ft wide and 8 ft deep. Without the wooden side 'worktops', the barbecue itself measures 12 ft 1.75 in. At the unveiling the barbecue was used to cook a whole pig, a ten-foot hotdog and four turkeys.