Heaviest butternut squash
Christopher Brown
25.17 kilogram(s)
Vereinigte Staaten (Bloomfield)

The heaviest butternut squash weighed 55.5 pounds (25.17 kilograms) when measured at the Giant Pumpkin Bash in Bloomfield, Iowa, USA, on 26 September 2020. The squash was grown by Christopher Brown (USA) from Minnesota and the record was verified by representatives from the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC).

The mother seed variety of the record-breaking squash was "Violina Di Rugosa", a name that is derived from its violin-shaped fruits.

Three weeks later, Christopher harvested what is thought to be an even larger butternut squash from the same plant that weighed 65.10 lb (29.53 kg). However because it was harvested late in the season, the specimen could not be weighed in competition or be ratified in person by the GPC, so the record has to remain with the slightly smaller squash that was officially verified.